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Nature has everything we need to survive - Air, Water, Food and Shelter. It has all the ingredients our body needs to function properly. Nature has only the best things to offer us, but how are we repaying back?

Many of us blindly rely on artificial-synthetic materials in our daily life- be it the food we eat or the things we use. We as humans don't always make decisions by carefully weighing the results but often prefer the easier road. Like using a disposable plastic cup to drink our favourite cutting-chai is only adding to the pile of non-degradable plastic already. Similarly, everyday we are adding tonnes and tonnes of pollutants into our skin, our bodies and the Earth in general. Though humans comprise of only a minute proportion to the total living beings on Earth, the effect humans give back to nature is disproportionately large, in a negative way of course.

That anti-aging cream in your dresser has gone through a rigorous mixing with chemicals to get t what it is now. In the process of manufacturing, a lot of chemicals has been added to give it the texture and the fragrance, and a lot more toxins has been released in the environment in the process of it's packing. An alternative to this is using a mix of carrier oils with essential oils which works great on skin.

Fish absorbs toxic chemicals from the metals dumped into the seas, we eat the same fish. Plants absorbs the toxic chemicals we spray as pesticides, we eat them. Basically, we are eating our own dirt. Isn't this an eye opener already?

There is so much we can do as humans, to save the only place we have water and oxygen. Toxins interrupt your sleep causing health problems, we can use essential oils instead of synthetic room freshners. Instead of chemical cleaners/detergents, we can use essential oils of Citronella, Lime etc. Ditching the plastic bottles is a great start, toxins from plastics can leak into the water we drink, instead use glass bottles.

Continuous use of chemical-laden products will give wonderful short term results, but for long term nothing can beat the natural products. People presume that organic and natural products don't perform well as their chemical counterparts and that the price is on the expensive side. But they are gentle yet powerful. They are so much in varieties that finding the right product may be difficult but finding one will do magic.

There is a natural alternative to everything artificial. You could swiftly shift and go all natural! We can live without toxic chemicals, going natural should not be a trend or a fad, it should be our motto. Start today for a better tomorrow.


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  • You have explained today’s exact situation of the earth. Your article is an eye opener for us. It will be good for all the creature for the well being. Thank you so much to share your concern.

    suaway on

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