<b>Almond Oil </b><br/>Cold Pressed, Skin & Hair Care, Baby Massage

Almond Oil
Cold Pressed, Skin & Hair Care, Baby Massage

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Vol: 50ml

Pure Almond Oil obtained from Sweet Almonds from the Valley of Kashmir.

  • Cold Pressed
  • Pure Natural and Unadulterated, Non-Diliuted
  • Rich in Vitamins and Anti Oxidants

Hair Care

  • Nourishes Dry & Damaged Hair
  • Massaging a few drops into the scalp adds a healthy glow to hair
  • Helps make hair stronger, thicker and adds shine as well as nourishes and smoothens hair cuticles.
  • Facilitates hair growth

Skin Care

  • Easily Absorbed into skin
  • Natural Moisturizer suitable for all skin types
  • Strengthens bones, muscles and skin and also provides relief from muscular pain
  • Fine texture, Non-greasy and does not clog pores
  • Imparts a uniform complexion
  • Removes dark circles from under the eyes

Ideal for Baby Massage 

  • Excellent Massage oil for Babies and Infants, can be used directly for body and head massage. It can also be mixed with Sesame, Olive or Coconut Oil for body massage.

  • Edible
    • High in Mono-unsaturated fats, omega-3 and essential fatty acids .
    • Can be used in salad dressings for cooking meals like stir fry. It also does wonders for the digestive system by increasing the good bacteria in the stomach.
    • An effective laxative. One tablespoon of almond oil taken twice a day can prove to be helpful, but it shouldn’t be continued for more than a week at a time
    • Boosts the immune system
    • Completely safe for infants.

    Usage: As required, for Body/Hair Care or Culinary purposes. Avoid Sun immediately after using on skin. Suitable for Infants or Adults

    Contains: Pure Oil of Organically grown Sweet Almonds extracted using Cold Pressed technique

    100% Natural & Handmade, Free from Harmful Chemicals, No Animal testing, Vegetarian, No Added Preservatives, Colors, Fragrance

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