About Us

You can reach us at contact@mittise.com or 99860 02034 or 98860 01056

A Bio-Technology professional, Tuba has an in-depth knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs. She has varied experience developing effective Personal Care and Cleaning products from natural ingredients. This enables her to create, safe and effective products using natural ingredients. Tuba takes care of manufacturing and lives in Lucknow.

Arun is an experienced practitioner in Ayurvedic medicines and formulations. He has dedicated his life to study herbs and medicines comprehensively. He has developed various skin care and hair care products, has a keen sense of recognizing and using herbs and loves spending time in a forest. Arun helps with manufacturing and lives in Madhya Pradesh.

From a young age, Fakhra has been passionate about a natural lifestyle and traditional forms of healthcare such as Ayurveda. As a result she has gathered a lot of expertise in the area of safe yet highly effective Health and Personal Care. She is a Personality Development trainer and has worked with Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, Oxfam, Pravah, Center for Womens Development Studies, Jagori, Action India. Fakhra works on marketing, customer interactions and lives in Bangalore.

Saadhan is literally an all rounder. Philosopher, linguist, educationist and possesses good knowledge of traditional and modern systems of healing. He is a walking encyclopedia about almost everything. One among his many traits is his knack of trying out new combinations of herbs that turn out extremely effective. He is currently busy designing books for value driven education for an alternative school. Saadhan helps with manufacturing and lives in Madhya Pradesh.

Faiz is an Oils and Chemical technology professional. He has a lot of experience in the areas of Quality testing, Natural products and safe cleaning formulations. He has a good instinct for developing effective products by modifying known compositions with safer alternatives. Faiz helps with manufacturing and lives in Lucknow.

Rafi's involvement with organic and natural products has increased lately when he started experiencing first hand their benefits and value. He is committed to efforts to reduce harmful environmental impact. He has a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from Oregon State University and has worked in engineering/management roles at Intel, Yahoo and Microsoft. Rafi works on marketing, technical business aspects and lives in Bangalore.