"We have used the Floor & Multipurpose Cleaner at our hospital and have been delighted with it. It removes the tough black of graphite dust easily, has a non chemical smell and above all, is organic and does not harm the environment we live in"
Dr Sunita, Teleradiology Solutions and RXDX, Bangalore

"I first tried Mitti Se products this spring during a visit to India. I have been using organic and sustainably grown food, beauty care, and cleaning supplies for most of my 55 years. I tried the Purifying Face Scrub first and loved the way my skin felt after using it. After using this product for a few weeks I tried all the facial cleansers and the Body Oil. I love the way the Body Oil smells and the soft finish of my skin after using. Before returning to the United States I purchased all of these products in bulk in order to continue using them at home as well as giving them as gifts to my friends. I also purchased the Cold & Fever Relief; I am currently using this as I contracted a bad cold on my return trip. The remedy has helped reduce my aches and pains as well as the mouth blisters and dull taste in my mouth associated with a bad cold. I highly recommend Mitti Se products. I couldn’t be more pleased."
Andrea Cadwell, MA, MS, SPN, New Hampshire

"Natural, Organic & gentle... I am a genuine fan of your Intensive Hair Therapy Shampoo having tried at least 50 big and small ones, organic and high end brands included. This is the first organic, non chemical one which cleans and has the foaming action which we have been conditioned to equate with wash :) I have also used and liked the Rose Water"
Priya, Bangalore

"Ordered a whole gamut of products after trying the Aloe Mud Cleanser! Wonderful products, minimalism at its best.."
Prastuti, U.P.

"Cleaning table tops and kitchen counters has always been the bane of my existence. I'm never sure its clean enough to place food substances. Though I used antiseptic solutions and reagents before, I worried about the chemicals being added to the food.The smell too was a little over powering.
However, with Mitti Se Floor & Multipurpose Cleaner Im happy with the ingredients all being known organic elements which won't effect us if consumed. The citrus smell gives a pleasant forest feel.
The 100ml bottle has lasted at least 8 months and I still have half a bottle. This has been used to clean my dining table and kitchen counters. I haven't graduated to the floor because my maid hasn't got the concept of drops! I'm really happy with the product."
Sunitha Balraj, New Delhi

"After using the Wild Essence Face Pack, I could see the difference for the first time after just a day. I am using this product for more than a year and I am having great results. My skin is tan free with no marks...there is a glow and its looks fantastic ...this pack has absolutely no side effects"
Archana, Bangalore

"Awesome...i really want to thank the team to give my hair and skin a natural treatment. The whole package of hair treatment right from Anti-Hairfall Oil to the Shampoo is a must use. Now I can wash my hairs daily without thinking of chemicals. Main thing in the shampoo is the natural ingredients giving the same amount of lather as that of chemical based shampoos."
Gunjan, Dehradun

"I discovered Mitti Se's products in my quest to figure out vegan and chemical-free products available in the market. To say that I am happy with their products, would be an understatement. Their Floor and multi-purpose cleaner has changed my life, as I no longer have ANY insects or mosquitoes in my house anymore and I dont need to use anything except for 4-5 drops of this while mopping. Its been 2 years and I have recommended it to everyone I know! I also tried their Nourishing Body Oil and use it for moisturizing my face and my skin feels baby soft and really nourished. I trust Tuba and her team and know for sure that they are making pure products using authentic ingredients and well-researched combinations, making them unbeatable. Thank you for doing what you are doing and giving us healthy, chemical free, environmentally clean and animal friendly options."
Monika, Mumbai