<b>Total Oral Care </b><br/>Freshens Breath, Tightens Gums

Total Oral Care
Freshens Breath, Tightens Gums

  • Rs. 125.00

Wt: 35g (Dry Powder)
  • Strengthens and tightens gums
  • Stops bleeding, fights bad breath
  • Treats sensitive teeth, removes stains and whitens teeth
  • Prevents plaque and tartar formation, helps in tooth-aches

Usage: Massage gently into gums, leave on for at least 10 minutes before washing. Safe for children above 5 years.

Contains: Leaves and Bark of Neem, Babool, Jamun, Chirchita, Stone Apple, Karanj, Guava and Banyan. Also contains Amla, Baheda, Harad, Clove, Turmeric, Sonthh, Alum and various Salts.

100% Natural & Handmade, Free from Harmful Chemicals, No Animal testing, Vegetarian, No Added Preservatives, Colors, Fragrance.

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