Almond Oil | Skin & Hair Care | Edible | Vitamin-E Rich

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  • Cold Pressed
  • Pure Natural and Unadulterated, Non-Diluted
  • Safe to Consume
  • Completely safe for infants.
Almond Oil | Skin & Hair Care | Edible | Vitamin-E Rich

Pure Almond Oil obtained from Sweet Almonds from the Valley of Kashmir.

  • Cold Pressed
  • Pure Natural and Unadulterated, Non-Diluted
  • Rich in Vitamins and Anti Oxidants

Hair Care

  • Nourishes Dry & Damaged Hair
  • Massaging a few drops into the scalp adds a healthy glow to hair
  • It helps make hair stronger, thicker and adds shine as well as nourishes and smoothens hair cuticles.
  • Facilitates hair growth

Skin Care

  • Easily Absorbed into the skin
  • Natural Moisturizer suitable for all skin types
  • Strengthens bones, muscles, and skin and also provides relief from muscular pain
  • Fine texture, Non-greasy and does not clog pores
  • Imparts a uniform complexion
  • Removes dark circles from under the eyes

Ideal for Baby Massage

Excellent Massage oil for Babies and Infants can be used directly for body and head massage. It can also be mixed with Sesame, Olive or Coconut Oil for body massage.


  • High in Mono-unsaturated fats, omega-3, and essential fatty acids.
  • Can be used in salad dressings for cooking meals like stir fry. It also does wonders for the digestive system by increasing the good bacteria in the stomach.
  • An effective laxative. One tablespoon of almond oil taken twice a day can prove to be helpful, but it shouldn’t be continued for more than a week at a time
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Completely safe for infants.
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How to Use

As required, for Body/Hair Care or Culinary purposes. Avoid Sun immediately after using on skin. Suitable for Infants or Adults


Pure Oil of Organically grown Sweet Almonds extracted using Cold Pressed technique

Making of the Product

We source our Almonds from Kashmir. Those are considered one of the most superior quality Almonds. They are sweet and are packed with nutrition. The oil is extracted using cold pressed technique to maintain the highest nutrition. This is a single ingredient Oil without any additives, added cheap oils or any chemical adulteration. It is of edible grade and is packed in glass bottle to keep it pure.

9 reviews for Almond Oil | Skin & Hair Care | Edible | Vitamin-E Rich

  1. Meenal

    Very dynamic product! I Use it for skin, hair even for my body as a moisturizer. Use it for my one year old son. Trust their brand for purity. Its very light and absorbs fast. Tried your Argan Oil for hair that is also very good. Smells original.. has that nutty fragrance..

  2. Pritishtuti Devi (verified owner)

    Very good product

  3. Sowmya

    Works very well on skin. Very light and not too fragrant. Using it at night, 4 drops covers entire face. I order regularly. I have found it to be good makeup remover too. Please sell it in a bigger bottle. Thanks

  4. Aisha

    Almond oil has been a staple in my skincare ever since I got into this crazy era of skincare. From makeup removal to super smooth skin & being an amazing moisturizer for any skin type.. Much happy with the product

  5. Sunitha

    Great and authentic product..Thanks Mitti Se.

  6. Naaz

    For my complicated + acne prone skin nothing suits specially when it comes to oil… But trust me only good quality of facial oils can treat your 1000 types of skin problem… I used this almond oil for my home made face serum n trust me within a week I got an amazing results…. This one is going to be my life time BFF 😘 this is one of the best almond oil I have used till now 👍

  7. Kavitha

    I just want to express my gratitude for creating such an exquisite product. Mitti Se Almond Oil is for face + hair and works unlike any moisturizer I have used before. I suffer from extremely sensitive skin and have frizzy hair. Using this has made my skin and hair so much better. I have no hesitation in saying that you are a pioneer in the skincare industry

  8. Aashish Bhatt

    I can say this because they are slightly thick in viscosity, nutty in smell and has tinge yellow colour.
    Likes: Does every thing what an almond oil claims to do in short.
    Dislike: It is not Foreign Certified like other brands are and the brand claims it to be edible
    with no Nutrition Value on it, on the contrary I don’t consume edible oil in plastic
    Bottles I only buy them in Glass Bottles.
    Conclusion: An 100% Pure oil at this price is reasonable where as other Luxury Brands
    doubles the prize with their Certificates, Packaging and Marketing techniques.
    Yes I’ll surely buy again for my skin and hair.

  9. Dr, Sundar

    I use this almond oil in bulk. I make medicines, My wife and daughter use it for skin and hair. My new born grandson is being massaged daily with this oil. I am very happy with the results. Given how good your products are very soon you’ll become well known favourite brand among health conscious customers. All the best for future.

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