Aloe Clay Cleanser & Mask: Removes Tanning, Skin Firming, Anti-Acne, Natural Glow

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  • Removes toxins settled deep within the Skin
  • Nourishes, Moisturizes and Stimulates Natural Healing
  • Suitable for all Skin Types including very sensitive skin. Can be used instead of Soap for daily cleansing
Aloe Clay Cleanser & Mask: Removes Tanning, Skin Firming, Anti-Acne, Natural Glow


A Deeply Invigorating and Healing Cleanser and Skin Firming Mask

Prepared using nutrient-rich river bed mud from the Rain forest of Central India by an elaborate process, the mud is soaked in Aloe Vera juice several times until completely saturated. It is then strained, cleaned and made into a fine powder. Dried and powdered flowers of Lavender are added.

  • Removes toxins settled deep within the Skin
  • Nourishes, Moisturizes and Stimulates Natural Healing
  • Mineral-rich with vital nutrients for skin
  • Improves Elasticity, Minimizes Pores, Wrinkles, and Firms up the Skin
  • Leaves skin feeling visibly clean, revitalized, refreshed and soft
  • Suitable for all Skin Types including very sensitive skin. Can be used instead of Soap for daily cleansing

We prepare and sell our masks as a Dry Product with no moisture whatsoever. This allows them to be 100% natural and pure, with no preservatives. This also gives you a choice to create a mask that suits your skin type.

Weight 0.125 kg
How to Use

Take 1 tsp of powder and mix with plain water and add one tsp Mitti Se Rose Water to make a thick paste and apply immediately as the magnetic pull from the Wet Clay will draw out deep settled Toxins from Skin cells. Apply a fine layer, allow it to dry, rinse off.
For Deep cleansing and nourishment, use as a mask for at least 20 minutes, twice a week.

If your skin is very dry then put a couple of drops of Mitti Se Face Serum or Mitti Se Pure Almond Oil while preparing the Mask. Soap not required.
Suitable for all skin types.
It can be used as a mask by 20-year-old or above.


Black Clay from the River-bed finely powdered and soaked in Aloe Vera Juice.
Flowers of Lavender

Making of the product

The clay is taken from a river bed that flows through a forest farm near central India forest. This clay is highly rich in minerals that purify and heal the skin. Wet clay is dried and strained to remove tiny stones. It is put in big earthen pitchers, freshly extracted Alovera juice is poured on to it and let it sit for few weeks. Every couple of days Aloevera juice is poured in the pitcher full of clay until it is completely saturated. It is then taken out and dried well. Using a very fine strainer the black clay powder is strained one last time and now it is ready to be packed. Dried flowers of Lavender and Chamomile sourced from organic farms are added.

11 reviews for Aloe Clay Cleanser & Mask: Removes Tanning, Skin Firming, Anti-Acne, Natural Glow

  1. Ekta (verified owner)

    The face mask makes the skin firm and adds a very fresh dewy look. i love th Mitti smell of this product

  2. Nimisha Khandelwal (verified owner)

    Amazing face mask for all skin types. Does what it claims. Those who have dry skin type need to use moisturiser post mask.

  3. Monica

    I have been using this mask from 2014.. Since the time the product came out in bottles to containers..this has been a constant in my skin care regime. I love this product. im currently in my 18th container…love how clean it makes my skin look and no breakouts or allergies. Infinite lovee for this product..looking forward for many more facepacks from mitti se

  4. Raanu

    I dont believe anything can have such a good effect in just one application. My skin has never felt so clean and fresh. I want to put this as mask every day but I think they say only use it twice a week as mask. while as cleanser I can use it daily..I will definitely give it a try.
    I am so impressed by this product and have heard a lot of good reviews from my friends about there other stuff that I am going to order more products.
    Keep making such products and never compromise your quality.. Customers like us will always be with you. Love you Mitti Se

  5. Naaz

    Got as a free sample along with my order, trust me i was not expecting to much from this face pack but the result which I got it was simply awesome 👍😎the quantity was only 5g n i used half of this for one time application, actually we don’t need to much of this product coz it’s to smooth while applying n only small quantity is sufficient to cover entire face.

  6. Sunitha

    This product is what is claims. The smell was like that of fresh wet earth.Very useful and helpful product.No artificial fragnances or anything used..So fresh and you feel so rejuwenated..Must product to have

  7. Syed Hyder

    “Mitti se looks very promising.
    As for me, I think I will switch over to one or two products offered by you and in the long run try out more. Good wishes for everything!”

  8. Renu

    “I saw positive reviews about this product on Instagram, then decided to take a try, bought it, and used it… Mask is smooth, you can feel it while preparing, I used simple water, and applied, washed after complete dry, it took around 20 minutes…. After wash my skin was super soft, clear and bright…. Amazing result with single use…. I m in love with this product…
    Sure will order for this again… Thanks a lot to the mittise.com team for providing us natural products “

  9. Tavleen

    I am a big fan of your clay mask. Women who have tried and tested all sorts of products and know that nothing really works. . will find this mask a great natural product. You are masters of creating good natural products.

  10. Sandhya Kuruganti

    I have been using the clay mask for a long time now and absolutely love this pack for its impact. Face looks fresh and bright. One order lasts a long time as a small quantity is needed for one round of mask. The mask dries up fast as well. Skin also looks tight and I use it only once in 2 weeks in winter and once a week in summer.

  11. Ritika

    It is a natural cleanser and face mask which deeply cleanses and pulls away all the dirt and impurities from the skin leaving your skin visibly clean & feeling so very fresh.
    It simply detoxifies your skin without stripping of nature moisture.
    It can be used for ALL skin types.
    Only a little amount is required for each use, so it will last you for more than a month.
    It satisfies it claims of deep cleansing,firming and healing the skin. I don’t have acne issues, so can’t comment on that claim but it definitely controls oil secretion.
    Shelf life of the product is 5 years as it’s in powder form without any moisture content.
    If you are looking for completely natural face mask/cleanser( which is affordable too) for regular cleansing then you must go for it.
    Also, it’s an NGO brand so we must support it 🙂

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Most of the masks that are available are wet masks and they need chemical preservatives, chemical emulsifiers and are cream based, They are also full of sulphonated surfactants ,alcohol, parabens, chemical preservatives, synthetic colors and fragrances. Mitti Se Aloe Clay Mask comes in dry powder form to avoid preservative. It has no chemical base and none of the above toxic additives. It Is completely natural and pure.