Natural Dish Wash Powder: Natural| Biodegradable | Toxic Chemical Free | Sulphates Free|380 gms

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  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal
  • Enriched with Powerful & Natural Astringent Herbs
  • Since it is Chemical free and low foaming, less water is required to rinse
  • Grey Water can safely be used for Plants or disposed in the Earth
  • It is a Vegan and Cruelty-Free product
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Natural Dish Wash Powder: Natural| Biodegradable | Toxic Chemical Free | Sulphates Free|380 gms


Handmade, Chemical-free Dish Wash Powder with All Natural and Biodegradable Ingredients

  • In combination, the Ingredients act as effective Cleansing & Disinfecting agents
  • Imparts a good shine and cleanses thoroughly
  • Enriched with Powerful & Natural Astringent Herbs
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal
  • Long-Lasting as just a small pinch is required to clean a dish
  • Utensils remain free from chemical residues. Hands stay safe
  • Greywater can safely be used for Plants
  • Since it is Chemical free and low foaming, less water is required to rinse
  • SLS & SLES-free, Sulfate-free. Doesn’t contain MEA / TEA / DEA
  • It is a Vegan and Cruelty-Free product. It does not contain any Animal-derived ingredient
Weight 0.480 kg
How to Use

For regular washing take a pinch of powder on a wet scrubber/sponge, gently scrub the dish and rinse off.
For Heavily greasy or burnt Dishes / Pans it is recommended that they are soaked in a mix of Dish wash powder and Water for few minutes before scrubbing.
Ideal for steel, iron, brass copper utensils as it gives them a good sparkle. Completely suitable for crockery, Melamine, plastic and Clay pots.
For Non-Stick its recommended that a light non abrasive sponge is used with gentle pressure or alternate way is to dissolve the powder in water and wet the sponge in this mix to wash. (We believe Non-Stick utensils are not suitable for Indian cooking. Best to use metal or clay pots)
In case powder gets lumpy, crushing them by hand or spoon and keeping in sun will help.(This may happen because we don’t add anti caking chemicals)
Not tested for Dish Wash Machine use.

Does not contain any added Colors, Fragrances, Enzymes, Bleaches, Preservatives, Petrochemicals, Fillers, Additives or other harmful chemicals


Dried Mango powder, Charcoal, Neem powder, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rock Salt

Making of the Product

All the ingredients that are used in making of this Dish Wash Powder are completely natural. and biodegrade back in earth without creating any harm to the earth or to our health. Unripe Raw mangoes are cleaned, dried and powdered, Fresh Neem leaves are cleaned and dried then powder,Charcoal pieces are added along with Sodium Carbonate which is a naturally occurring ingredient found around arid regions and lakes. Its commonly called washing soda.
Bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, found naturally in mineral water springs and trona is also added, Borax, and Rock Salt are mixed in right proportion.

8 reviews for Natural Dish Wash Powder: Natural| Biodegradable | Toxic Chemical Free | Sulphates Free|380 gms

  1. Swatika Khanna Arora (verified owner)

    I was searching for some safe dishwasher cleaner not made of chemicals, after all family health is always a priority, thanks to mitti se they’ve taken my worries away by introducing this product. It’s skin friendly and cleans my utensils sparkle clean
    My utensils are shining

  2. Sangita Gandhi

    Love the Dish Wash Powder as it’s eco friendly.i It cleans the utensils very well and leaves a shine on them without wasting too much of water. I strongly recommend this product. Keep coming up with more eco friendly products. Thanks.

  3. Priya Baranidaran

    Such a sustainable product that does not compromise on it’s features… Does exactly what it is meant to do… Almost no foam but leaves the vessels squeaky clean and shiny… Residual smell in the vessels is also removed in a single wash almost at all times… And wow, what a pleasant smell it has…Mind-blown, and highly recommend it…

  4. Ishta

    I have been very concerned by the chemical cleaners that i was using for washing my dishes but was not able to make the switch. This was the fourth brand I tried and I loved the product. Initial strange feeling of no foam cleaning is there but when you see how nicely your vessels get cleaned and water usage is cut down drastically you overcome that feeling.. Because of this powder time consumed in dish washing has cut down as the powder doesn’t stick to the vessels like vim and prill. I am so relieved that I could make this long awaited switch..

  5. Radhika

    I have no words to describe the feeling I got when I opened the box n used it for the first time ! It’s fabulous n it really works amazing! Thank you ☺️

  6. Lata

    This is by far the best detergent ever used. Gives sqeaky cleaning to the dishes with very less efforts and less water, of course. Absolutely free from chemicals. Could be slightly expensive but you won’t regret even a bit, on spending such a great product. Lot of care been taken right from the packaging to the product delivery and the product itself.

  7. Sonya

    Picked up from a store as I liked the eco-friendly packaging and have been using their cleaner since a long time. This is a good product and does all that it claims on its jar. Cleanse dishes well, removes oil, less water is used and since there are no chemicals at all I put the water in my lawn.. I love this part the best. And yes it is long lasting. I will highly recommend this to all.

  8. Swati Singla

    I tried the mittise multipurpose cleaner a few years back on the recommendation of a friend, and have completely switched to it since then. I use it as a floor, tile as well as kitchen counter cleaner. It’s completely safe and has a lovely aroma that doesn’t smell like chemicals. I have found it to be very effective for repelling ants/insects as well when used regularly.

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