Face Serum : Sea Buckthorn| Vitamin -C | Skin Tightening | Glowing | Brightening | Deep Repair | Night Serum

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Vol: 25ml

  • Removes Wrinkles and Fine lines
  • Makes skin Supple and Firm
  • Cleanses & Heals skin from within
  • Imparts a fresh Glow
  • For All Skin Types
Face Serum
Face Serum : Sea Buckthorn| Vitamin -C | Skin Tightening | Glowing | Brightening | Deep Repair | Night Serum


A Blend of Exotic Oils for Firm, Supple and Lustrous Skin

    • Makes skin Supple and Firm
  • Imparts a fresh Glow
  • Regenerates skin cells
  • Removes Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Cleanses & Heals skin from within
  • Relieves from Pigmentation
  • Balances Oil & Sebum
  • For All Skin Types
Weight 0.125 kg
How to Use

Apply few drops on damp skin ( Face & Neck) and leave on overnight. It can be used during the day but direct exposure to the sun should be avoided. Since healing and repair take place during the night, it is advisable to apply then for best results. Suitable for all skin types. It can be used by 20-year-olds or above


Sea Buck thorn Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Essential Oil of Lavender.

Making of the Product

We source all our Essential Oils and carrier Oils from a long known, trusted circle of small farmers and vendors. All the Carrier oils that are used in this serum are freshly extracted, cold pressed and completely in their natural form without any processing been done to them. While Essential oils are distilled and belong to therapeutic grade which is considered the best quality. These oils are all single ingredient without any blend or adulteration of any low quality or cheaper oils. The Oils like Jojoba,Almond Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Grapeseed oil, Seabuckthorn, Lavender are mixed in a particular proportion that makes it very effective.

11 reviews for Face Serum : Sea Buckthorn| Vitamin -C | Skin Tightening | Glowing | Brightening | Deep Repair | Night Serum

  1. deepti

    Simply in love! Nothing ever has been so amazing like this serum. I am 46 year old and was concerned about my skin. Wanted something natural and trustworthy. Have known Mitti Se for a while as I buy their Home cleaners. Tried face serum and it was wonderful just wonderful. On my third bottle now. It made my dry skin normal, looks firmer, radiant and also there is no need for any moisturizer. All this by just using few drops in the night and washing with mitti se face wash. A must buy if you want a youthful skin in your 40s:)

  2. Neha

    I saw some posts about your serum on Instagram and some of my friends who have used it were highly recommending it. I kept delaying as I have tried few brands and I dint like them at all. Face serums are usually very expensive also so I cannot keep buying. I got your sample of face serum and got really amazed by the effect. It made my skin clearly better. The glow every one could see. Also my neck skin is not good so i used on my face and neck. it showed very amazing results. I immediately ordered your full size face serum bottle. I can say with full surity that Mitti Se serum is the best serum!!

  3. Narendra

    “I didn’t expected the result, after few applications of the face serum I can see the result and it’s really working.

    Thank you Mitti Se for such products, Keep making genuine products. “

  4. Sabitha

    I’ve been using this This Sebuckthorn Face Serum for over a week and I could see my skin being transformed. It quickly absorbed into my skin and started showing effect very early. Must try for all people. I’m in love with this oil. It really worked for me and doesn’t give any breakouts. I apply in the night daily and in the morning my face glows I’m so happy to have bought this product. This is going to be my Fav Serum from now on.

  5. Arup Kumar

    Seriously I had no idea that a brand like Mitti Se could exist. Amazing people, amazing products. Have been using most of their products and spoken to them few times.. I wish them more strength, more visibility and all the success. Yes this Face serum is something I look forward to applying every night. Best product. Must try.

  6. Ishta

    Nice golden oil. No gel as I was expecting. Was wondering if it will suit me as I have never used oils on my face. I had a good experience with their other products so gave it a try. In three days I started seeing a difference. There is clear glow and tightness. I also see my face looks more cleaner as this serum cleanses the pores. Am using it for sure. It has all natural oils which get absorbed fast. Best Natural serum..

  7. Shikha Sikka

    I am absolutely dependent on this serum now for last one year. I use it every single night on my face and neck. Some times on my hands and arms too. I don’t use anything at all. Initially it did lot of cleansing i could see dead skin just coming off from my forehead and chin and then my skin just started glowing also firming up. I use very little. . . may be 2 to 3 drops and it does the job. The bottle lasts for 4 months and above. The effects that it has are amazing. Not just skin but my eye brows and eye lashes got thicker and healthier looking. I will highly recommend this product. THanks dear Mitti Se for making such beautiful product.

  8. Jyothi Reddy

    Close your eyes and buy this. This is my best advice for you. This is the product that worked great for me. All their products are extremely good. Must try them out.

  9. Rashika Mehrotra

    “Superb skin care and essential oil range by you guys ..it’s super gentle cleanser face wash is packed with natural, organic, and safe non-toxic ingredients, plus the serum , which are designed to leave skin feeling refreshed and looking radiant. Are one of the best natural product m in love with right now 👍🏻great on skin and good on pocket
    Keep updating us !”

  10. Juhi Chhabra

    Thanks for existing! This is of great help to those looking for a glowing and hydrated skin. I feel my dark circles have lessen, pores minimised and a glow overall. Plus I think it’s working as a magic by reducing blackheads as a reaction to the above benefits. It’s definitely a slow process but guess what “I am happy with the results”. We need companies like Mitti Se to promote healthy beauty over chemical ones.

  11. Reshma Ganji

    I was trying this product line for the first time n it has surprised me wth its effects …. it changed the way my skin looked in just a week n im so glad i decided to give it a try …. superb product … its beaten every other highend skin rejuvenation product i ve tried so thts saying a lot ….thanks mittise … m looking forward to exploring ur whole range

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