Natural Laundry Detergent: Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, SLS Free, Baby Clothes Safe

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  • Free from SLS, Phosphate, Chlorine, Bleach, Petrochemicals
  • Safe for washing babies clothes and napkins
  • Comes in a Natural, Biodegradable packaging
WT: SIZE % Saving approx. YOU SAVE
400gms …. ….
800gms   ….
2 x 800gms  12%   110/-
4 x 800gms  18%   332/-
Natural Laundry Detergent: Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, SLS Free, Baby Clothes Safe

Our Organic Laundry Detergent Powder is made of completely Natural and Bio-degradable Ingredients.

  • Non-toxic and Safe
  • Cleans well and Removes Stains
  • It is gentle on clothes, hands and the Earth
  • Safe for washing babies clothes and napkins
  • Since it doesn’t contain any fillers and artificial foaming agents it Conserves water
  • Drained water does not harm soil or plants
  • Free from SLS, Phosphate, Chlorine, Bleach, Petrochemicals that are commonly used in detergents
  • Comes in a Natural, Biodegradable packaging
  • Zero-waste Natural Laundry Detergent
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How to Use

Use 15g to 20g for a load of 5 kg. The quantity can be changed as per requirement.
It can be used for Machine Wash (Top Load & Front Load) or Hand Washing of clothes. It can also be used as a Multipurpose powder to wash Floors, Bathrooms, Wash Basins, and Toilets


Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rock Salt, Natural Soap Flakes, Essential Oil of Lime

Free From:
-Our Laundry detergent recipe is without Borax or Borate that is often used in such formulations.
– Our Vegan Laundry detergent does not contain any animal products. It is also cruelty free.

Making of the Product

All the ingredients that used in making of this detergent are completely natural. and biodegrade back in Earth without creating any harm to the earth or water.
Sodium Carbonate is found around arid regions and lakes. Its commonly called washing soda.
Bicarbonate is commonly called baking soda and is found naturally in mineral water springs and trona.
Borate is a salt found in minerals on the earth crust. it is also formed by repeated evaporation of lakes. Other ingredients like Rock Salt, Natural Soap Flakes that are made using plant derived oils and Essential Oil of Lime are used to make this powder. All of the above ingredients and first cleaned, strained dried and powdered separately using a grinding machine. There is particular ratio in which these ingredients are mixed to make the laundry detergent to an ideal pH level
They are completely biodegradable and do not harm nature or people. You can use the grey water to put in plants or let in Earth.
Mainstream chemical based detergents usually have dangerous chemicals that are camouflaged under nice smell which too is artificial and harmful.

11 reviews for Natural Laundry Detergent: Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, SLS Free, Baby Clothes Safe

  1. Shalini

    I have never seen any brand which take customer feed back So seriously and make the changes immediately in their next batches . I had requested the team that , I was not happy with sodium borate Or Borax In laundry detergent , as it is not bio degradable even though it is naturally found . They immediately removed that from their ingredients list . How sweet of them ❤️Lot of love and success to Mittise. I wanted to mention this incident here , because everyone should know how team mittise, value their customers and their views .

    • rafi (verified owner)

      Thanks a lot for pointing out to us. We were thinking about it but your request made us take action fast. We also removed Sodium Borate from our Dishwash Powder. Please always feel free to share your feedback with us.

  2. Neesha

    Love these cleaners.. this one is the best organic laundry detergent I have used since I shifted to natural cleaners. I was using soapberries based laundry powder and was not liking it. but continued as did not want to go back to those harmful detergents.. But after I found Mitti Se detergent I am happy as It feels I am not compromising on cleanliness when shifting to natural cleaners. Go for it!

  3. Khushboo

    Mitti Se! Yours is clearly the best laundry detergent powder. Washes well, Mild Lime makes my clothes smelling fresh. Since I have a semi automatic top load machine I am able to save lot of water as your detergent is low foaming. Thank you! I am quite happy 🙂

  4. Dominique

    As a foreigner living in the mountains of India, i was very concerned about the environmental damage to an already delicate situation. I was in search of a quality product for a while myself. I first tried to make my own detergent but it dint work and it was too much effort. One day I saw your Natural Detergent Powder in a store. It was just what I was looking for. I have been using this since then and have introduced it to my other friends. We all are very happy with this powder. Thumbs up! Great work, Mitti Se! I wish you can raise more awareness among Indians for sustainable goods.

  5. Abha sahgal

    Very effective detergent . Clothes come out really clean and smell amazingly. The only problem being that it does not dissolve in the washing machine container for detergent .

  6. Radhika

    I have used this the first time n I am sold for life 😊… it’s my best investment till date for the earth .. I can’t thank the team enough for what they’re doing for Mother Earth . God bless

  7. Neeraj Kalra

    “Have been buying your detergent regularly. Thought you deserve a feedback. I must say you have made a very good washing powder. I like it. I use it for all our clothes and toilet bathroom cleaning needs. I use to use reetha (soapnut) that was not keeping our white clothes white. It was staining them. So i was looking for some non reetha washing powder. I found your brand. and Now am sticking to it for life!

    I have a suggestion. I want Mitti Se to make a Dish Wash and Toilet Cleaner. There is nothing good in the market. Please provide us some good natural solution. Thanks so much Team!”

  8. Shormishtha

    “I am quite happy with this detergent. It has no chemicals and is totally natural. I like that it has a very mild lime fragrance which is from the essential oil. Its a good deodourizer.. After wash the laundry just has a fresh smell no fragrance.. Thats how it should be. I bought the detergent when my baby was born and then we switched using it for the whole family. 🙂

  9. Shreya Praveen

    Thank you for introducing me to such wonderful laundry detergent. I feel good for using chemical free products that would keep my family healthy as well as mother earth. Keep it going. Please try introduce products to use in Dish Washer also.

  10. Navneet

    I used their detergent and found really good . It is also eco friendly and does not make leather so less water is used in washing clothes. I am really happy with their products

  11. Parveen K

    Dear MItti Se I am so proud of you for making such good products. I feel so good when I use this detergent. I always felt guilty when I was using Ariel and Surf Excel about how much am polluting the earth and the rivers and the harms are never ending. I tried several other detergents but I settled on Mitti Se. The quantity used is lesser than the regular chemical detergents and it cleanses the clothes well. As they claim the used water can be put to plants which I do and I see that it doesnt harm them at all.. Its so amazing! I wonder why more an more people are not switching to such stuff. It saves water too..

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