Rose Water: Skin Care, Toner

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Vol: 50ml

  • Distilled from Damascena Roses.
  • It works as a cleanser, moisturizer and astringent, cleanses pores.
  • It can also be used in food and beverages.

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Distilled from Damascena Roses.
Freshens cleanses and tones skin.
Has a cooling and therapeutic effect on the skin. It works as a cleanser, moisturizer and astringent, cleanses pores.
It helps in removing dirt, makeup, and oil from the skin. Stimulates circulation and helps in maintaining pH balance.
It is Anti-septic, Anti-Inflammatory and has astringent properties.
It can also be used in food and beverages.

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How to Use

As required, for Skin Care or Culinary purposes.
Suitable for use by 15-year-olds or above


The distilled water of Damascena Roses.
It contains no preservatives, so harmless cloudy sediments may form after some time. These can be strained out using cotton.

Making of the Product

Organically grown Roses from Damascena are used. Rose water is collected usinf distillation process. There is a reason we use Damascena rose petals. They have the highest amount of rose oil and that makes them the most therapeutic of all roses. There are no preservatives used. It is just distilled rose water in its purest form of high grade edible category.

2 reviews for Rose Water: Skin Care, Toner

  1. Sneh

    Mitti Se Rose water toner made from distilled water obtained from Damscena Roses which us free from artificial fragrance and preservatives. Smells mild and fresh like roses. Very light on the skin and has reduced the appearance of pores around my T-zone.
    Freshens and cleans.
    Tones skin.
    Stimulates circulation.
    Maintains pH.
    Soothing to skin and eyes.
    Can be mixed with the Facewash to make a paste as well!

  2. Aaditya

    i thought no rose water gonna work for me , then i understood it must be 100% pure and gentle which is what mitti se products are , awsome.

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