Teatree Essential Oil: Anti-Acne, Anti-Fungal

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Vol: 10ml

  • Great immune system stimulant
  • Strong anti-fungal properties
  • Great as a pet bedding disinfectant and keeps away ticks.
Teatree Essential Oil: Anti-Acne, Anti-Fungal


The essential oil of Tea Tree has many therapeutic properties. It is a good immune system stimulant as it increases the body’s ability to fight infection. It fights acne, has strong anti-fungal properties, fights eczema & ringworm infection, controls mold & yeast infection, dandruff & dry scalp. It is also good as a pet bedding disinfectant and keeps away ticks.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

How to Use

Extreme Care to be taken while using any essential oil. DO NOT use directly since it is concentrated. Few drops to be blended in a carrier oil or water, prior to using. A skin patch test should be conducted prior to using an oil that has never been used before.

Safe for external and edible purposes.
Water bath: Few drops can be added to water for bathing or soaking feet and hands.
Steaming and inhalation: Mix 4-5 drops in a litre of water for steaming.
Diffuser: Use in diffusers to create an aromatic atmosphere.
Massage: Blend 6 drops of essential oil in 10ml of carrier oil like Almond, Jojoba, Sesame, Avocado to massage full body or any particular area.

Store in a dark place as it evaporates easily and is reactive to sunlight.

Making of the Product

Essential Oil of Tea Tree is extracted using Steam distillation, Leaves of teatree plant are used.

2 reviews for Teatree Essential Oil: Anti-Acne, Anti-Fungal

  1. godavari

    I think this is the purest teatree esssential oil in the market. I have used few well known brands that claim that its pure.. but when I smelt this I knew it is natural.. I bought immediately and it is doing what a tea tree essential oil is supposed to do. I feel so good that I can trust some brand..

  2. Ragi

    I am using 6th bottle of mitti se tea tree essential oil and it’s just amazing…
    For my pimples and fungal infections it works awesome…Thank you mitti se…

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